For 2 years now, we have been offering our customers the possibility of having basecoat applied in factory. This product, specially designed for our Thermolog, is the equivalent of a primer that allows our Boréal wall to be protected from bad weather and UV rays for a period of 15 years. Once the building has been assembled on site, the customer can then finish the dyeing and apply the color of his choice.

WoodPlus Opaque 20 is a 100% acrylic stain specially designed for coating exterior wooden surfaces. It is a non-hazardous, solvent-free product that has a very low VOC concentration (8.5 g / L). It is made from the latest UV filtering technologies and offers exceptional protection against excess moisture.

Why choose an opaque stain with color?

  1. Increase durability
  2. Keep interviews away
  3. Can be applied in factory or on site
  4. Contains insecticide and fungicide

When will my building’s next maintenance take place?
The opaque basecoat lasts for 15 years. The color may fade over time, but will not lose adhesion. This reduction depends on the exposure of your Boréal walls to sun and rain.

How many layers should my building have?
Opaque stain = 1 coat (Factory applied)
Color dye = 1 coat minimum (Recommended 2 sofas)

Does the opaque finish affect the color of my building?
The color of the developed basecoat is very similar to the color of natural pine. As for your choice of final color, everything is developed accordingly to the basecoat.

How do you keep the look of the wood?
The appearance of the wood is kept thanks to a brushing technique in our factory.

What is the drying time?
The drying time is the same as a regular WoodPlus stain product: 1 hour to the touch or 4-5 hours between layer.

What is the cost for this product?
Contact us to discuss with the representative in your region.

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