Hello to all, dear readers and construction enthusiasts! Today, we have a fascinating story to share with you. It’s about traditional construction entrepreneurs venturing off the beaten path and discovering a new dimension of building: Boréal’s Thermolog.

First, let’s take a moment to applaud the company C&C Batisseur de rêve. Why? Because they are the pioneers, the first to have completely transformed their construction methods to focus solely on Boréal creations. Let me tell you, dear entrepreneurs, they have no regrets!

So, why this big shift towards Boréal? Here are some compelling reasons:

1. Stability and Quality: Our Thermolog is every entrepreneur’s dream. It eliminates the concerns of wood movement while providing top-tier insulation.
2. Energy-efficient and Durable: Think ROI! The longevity of the Thermolog means fewer after-sales service calls. And its energy performance? It will delight your clients!
3. Efficiency: Our system allows for quick assembly on-site, meaning less construction time and therefore, more profit for you!
4. Eco-responsibility: Show your clients that you care about our beautiful planet.
5. Authenticity and Accessibility: Offer the aesthetics of traditional wood with the benefits of modern techniques. Moreover, with international availability, the horizons have never been broader for your business.
6. Unparalleled Support: From design to finish, we’re by your side, ensuring each step goes smoothly.

It’s also important to highlight that the majority of our projects are self-builds. Approximately 50% of our projects are self-builds, 25% are shared assembly, and 25% are constructed with an external partner.

Now, imagine for a moment that you can offer all this to your clients. How would they react? Happy clients mean positive referrals, and that’s excellent for business!

But wait, there’s more! Boréal also offers a design service for those wanting a unique touch, and for those seeking inspiration, our plan collections are sure to please.

So, dear entrepreneurs, why not consider following C&C Batisseur de rêve lead and embarking on this exciting journey with Boréal? We’re more than eager to discuss a partnership with you. After all, together, we can shape the future of construction.

That’s all, dear readers! Stay tuned for more exciting stories in the world of construction.

Remember: with Boréal, your imagination is the only limit! 🏠✨🔨

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