Ideal for the do-it-yourself builder and the most cost effective option!
All of Boreal’s models are offered as a self-build kit. You can take charge of the assembly of your building thanks to the ingenuity of the construction method and the quality of the fabrication.

But you are never alone! We provide you with a technical manual illustrating each step for assembling your project. You will also find a collection of technical videos on our website explaining the assembly techniques. If you have any questions, we are only a phone call away.

Your Boreal building will be delivered on the site of your choice. As is the case for all our kits, the basic models can be modified according to your preferences. You can therefore select the type of exterior siding you prefer: the rustic charm of the half-log or a chic flat profile.

To summarize the advantages of the owner-builder kit:

1. Time and assembly cost savings
2. The most affordable new build
3. Training to assemble your project
4. A technical manual and videos to assist you
5. Telephone support during construction

All of Boreal’s advantages:

1. Unprecedented insulation performance
2. Unequalled construction stability
3. Easy assembly without heavy equipment
4. Grandiose timber-frame structures
5. Can be tailored to any style or dimensions