Frequently asked questions

Do you have a model that we can visit?

Yes, we have dedicated ambassadors who are ready to show you around their home. If you have a favorite model you would like to visit, just let your representative know. Our representative will be happy to schedule a visit for you, selecting the model closest to your preferences.

How long should i expect delivery to take after i have reserved my building ?

Usually, there is an 10 to 16 weeks waiting period for delivery.

What are the Thermolog advantages ?

1. Fewer assembly steps

2. Assembly can be completed by people without building experience

3. Excellent insulation and waterproofing

4. Assembly without heavy machinery

5. Very little waste material on site

Where can I get a price list ?

All prices for self-building packages can be found on our website. When consulting one of our models, you have to click on the PRICE tab and according to your address, a price for the self-construction package will be provided. If you would like to get a free quote for an assembled kit, please contact one of our representatives.


What is the maximum size of your buildings ?

A meeting with one of our representatives will allow us to confirm if your desired dimensions are achievable. There are always structural limits that must be complied with.

Must I use a crane to assemble the building on the construction site ?

No, the majority of Boreal  buildings can be assembled on the construction site without the use of heavy equipment.

How are the buildings wired for electricity ?

The electric wiring must be planned in such a way that the outlets are located in the interior walls. The wires are run through the floor joists according to a very detailed plan. They are then passed through each row of Thermolog until they reach their final destination.

Do your buildings require a concrete foundation ?

Our buildings can be assembled on any type of foundation.

What kind of varnishes or stains do you use and how durable are they ?

To protect the wood, we apply a tinted WoodPlus-brand varnish of the highest quality which has a 5-year warranty. To preserve the appearance of the outside surfaces of your home, it is recommended that stain be applied every 5 to 8 years. A protector with an opaque finish can also be used, which may reduce the frequency of maintenance to every 12 to 15 years.

Which varieties of wood do you use to manufacture your products ?

For our insulated walls, we mainly use white pine that has been oven-dried to a 6% to 10% humidity level. Moreover, our technicians carefully sort the wood during the lamination process. Spruce is used for the frame of the building because of its structural advantages.

How long does it take to assemble a building ?

As a general rule, for a 24’x 24′, it will take a four-person team 5 to 10 days to assemble the floor, the structure, the walls, the doors and windows as well as the roof. This is obviously a lot faster than for a light 2”x6’wood frame building. This is possible because of how we prepare our kits at the factory. Once on site, you simply have to put it together! The measurements and intricate cuts have already been made by the Boreal team.

What are the payment terms of a project work?

Before signing a contract a project plan must have been made beforehand.

1- When signing contracts, the buyer must make a deposit of 10% of the contract.
2- Six (6) weeks before the expected delivery date, the buyer must make a payment of 15% of the contract.
3- One day before delivery, the buyer must make a payment of 60% of the contract.
4- Within a maximum period of 30 days following the initial delivery* of the auto-constructor assembly, the buyer must make the final payment. An amount of 15% of the contract.

Do you deliver your homes everywhere ?

Yes, we deliver our buildings everywhere in Canada. Boreal has even shipped projects to the United States, China and France.

Can I assemble my building myself ?

Yes, if you have some construction experience, you can assemble your building. A day of training, where you can participate in the assembly of a Boreal building, is also offered at the factory. We have videos that you can consult as needed and we will provide you with a technical manual explaining every step of the construction process. Finally, we offer phone assistance to all our customers. See our various various assembly kit options.

The most popular kit option is “shared assembly” which consist in delivering an owner-builder kit and providing a specialized workforce to assist the customer in assembling their building.

Can you build with a plan other than your generic models ?

Yes, but this may entail extra costs and extra fabrication time at the factory.

Where are your sales offices located ?

We have many sales offices and cutting centres in various regions. To obtain information on our location in your region, please visit our contact page.